Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This post is for Emily

These photos are for you, Emily. By the time you come to Iowa, it won't be like this anymore. I didn't know if everything stays green in Austin. The big maple tree in our yard is so pretty. So yellow. It's so warm and pretty out today - I wish it would last longer.
Our tree looks so yellow, but on the ground I am finding varigated colored leaves with orange and red in them. hmmmm. Proof that they blow in from all over this court and we get to rake them up!!! I love it now, but once they dry up, they're a nuisance!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lily on Share Day

Wednesday was Lily's sharing day. Here she is showing Mrs. Fink her new puppy that she got for being brave and getting her flu shot. She is pinching the ear to make the dog bark. So darn cute!
Here she is doing the "Freeze Dance" with a scarf. The music really rocks and when it stops, the kids have to freeze in position. It's so fun to watch. (more fun to join in, believe me!)
This is the felt board where she got to dress the girl for the day. Notice she has a bandaid on her arm - probably just got her flu shot!!!