Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High on Life!

Boy, nothing makes me happier than putting that finishing top coat on a piece of artwork. Simply brings a smile to my face. I crack myself up sometimes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The nut doesn't fall far from the tree...........

Today was Caed's birthday. He is Sam's best buddy. So he had special things to do today, but he did not want to be an oak tree, so he chose Sam to take his place. Here Sam is covered with acorns - well - 5 acorns, but good sized ones! In the song the kids sang, the wind would come along and blow off another acorn until all 5 were on the ground. I tried to wait for Sam to look up before taking this picture, but he never did. He was too busy tending to his acorns. It's serious business being a tree. Good job, Sam!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here are some little known facts about me if you are bored and don't know what else to do with yourself but to read on:

I am deathly afraid of the water, but I love slides. So I have been known to take on some adventurous water slides, risking the unknown waters for the thrill of sliding.
I would like to be able to wear fuschia colored hair and multi-colored striped socks.
I like to sort my potato chips by pairing them up with like-sized chips, eating the smaller ones in twos first and working my way up to the largest.
I like to play music loud. (usually singing along, of course!)
I hate to cook and clean and love to paint and sew.
I love comedy, but once in a while desire a sci-fi.
I have 3 daughters who are my heroines, their husbands my heros, and their children, well, they are my reason to go on.

That's probably enough to digest at one time. There's a lot more, as I am pretty complex, and multi-dimensional, and deep, very very deep.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sam's Special Day!

It was Sam's share day/birthday day at preschool. He brought his Halloween costume to show the other kids that he is going to dress up as a fire fighter. Fire and fighter both start with the letter F, which is the letter of the week!!! So he was double cool!! Here he is explaining to his teacher, Mrs. Fink what the shield on his helmet is for and also what he might need an axe for. He also had a birthday crown that he wore part of the morning and got to be line leader.
Proud momma and little brother look on. Max now realizes there is fun stuff going on in this place and he wants some of the action real bad. See the double grip she has on him?!?
Ellie is raising her hand hoping to get called on by Sam. She must have a pressing question to ask him. Let me guess: "Where did you get it?" (gets asked 3 or 4 times during sharing time every time!) Ethan is watching me coming around with the camera. To the far right is Caed. He is Sam's best buddy. Their birthdays are a couple days apart and they can't seem to get along without each other!Here is Ariel, Scarlet, Quinn, and part of Luke. Scarlet and Quinn are my 2 favorite girls in the MWF group. They simply crack me up. When they come to the art table, they try to come together and we yak yak yak and giggle lots. They are so much fun. I love them.
Sam made it clear to us that today is his last day to be 4. Tomorrow it's on to number 5! Happy Birthday, Samuel Asher Brown.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Emily needs prayer

I am simply blogging to pass the time while waiting for my baby girl to call again. She is in the ER in Austin with a horrible headache gone out of control. They are getting ready to do a catscan on her now. It's 10:00 p.m. and it could be hours yet before I hear anything. Part of me wants to be packing my duds and hitting the road. My heart is aching, my eyes are swollen and burning, my stomach is tumbling, my lungs are heaving trying to keep breathing. I am talking to God and I don't even know if I am making any sense. Holy Spirit, intervene for me. I should be there for her, but I am not. I have asked Jesus to cover her with His sweeet love and comfort. They know one another so well and I take great comfort in that. She is not alone and scared. Time is dragging on and so I will try to rest, but. . . . with the phone next to me.