Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Highlights

And the winner is: JILL!!! She won the "wet pants contest" for this family gathering. Obviously she did not start out in these pants yesterday, she had to quickly change in the middle of a wild game of Loaded Questions. I, on the other hand, remained dry the whole day. Such fun.
Here is the grandchild lineup for Christmas 2008. Precious gifts from God.
Whoops! We're backing up to the day before. I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen making goodies - which is why Don took this shot..... he doesn't see this very often! Just look at how jolly I look. No, really I was having fun. (Note: empty bottles on the counter are not wine bottles, but Mona Vie health drink. We are trying to feel better, but I think a cheap wine would make me feel much better. oh, well.)

And so it snowed again!!! Her hair is getting higher!!! The higher the hair, the closer to God. And look at that luxurious stole she is wearing. These porch knobs are giving me such a kick.

One of the highlights of Christmas this year was surprising my mom and dad by us 5 kids showing up all together and presenting them with a new flatscreen TV. I fixed dinner and we had a great family time! Thank you, Lord God, for this precious time. I will cherish it forever.
Left to right: Mary, me, Cindy, Mike, Gary. and of course dad and mom (Don and Donna)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Glimpses of my tree

Yes, I still have my skinny scrawny tree. It looks worse every year and then I start dumping ornaments on it like crazy and a miracle happens. Isn't it beautiful?!? This ornament reminds us what we're doing all this for, what we live for. (In the upper left corner you can see part of baby Jesus.)
Celebrate! with fa-la-la's and gloria's and jolliness. by golly!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting out in the cold

Baby, it's cold outside!!!
My feet walking in a winter wonderland.
This is my hand muff from my girlhood, so yes, it is practically an antique!!! I was so excited to get it from my mom and dad's house recently and took it to show Lily. The little poop wouldn't even have anything to do with it - did I just call her a poop? - really, that name goes to her mother and her aunt. They made sounds like "uh" "oooh" "ugh" "yigh" and that was a cue for Lily to remain cautious and stand back. Totally ruined my good time, but anyway, this remains near the top of my list of good childhood memories, keeping my hands warm in style! And Lily is not a little poop, she is my sweet precious girl. Look, Lily, isn't this cute? Look at that little tuft of hair and so soft!!!

Here is my holiday sweater: cute, huh? Most holiday sweaters are, let's face it, dorky!!! But not this one, right? right!

I did a random act of kindness today at the McDonalds drive-thru by paying for the person behind me. (finally got my nerve up to do it ) It was 1:30 or so and I thought, what could they be getting this time of day? One lady. coffee? I paid for my fries and coke, $2.12. Then the person behind me, $12.06. whoa!!! The mini-van she was driving should have been the give away, but I just dug deeper in my wallet and felt like a santa claus. It was hilarious watching her in the rear view mirror after that. I told the guy at the window to tell her that Jesus loves her. That was a real kick. I wish I had more to give away. It feels so good.
I don't mean for that to sound selfish.


Doug's memorial service was nice. It was a celebration of his life, nothing like the celebration he is having, but good enough for us earthbound creatures for now!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thinking About Doug

I have no idea why we have this picture of this picture. It might be something Don took when he was visiting his aunt a couple weeks ago. Just thought I would use it with today's post. I can't believe we have worked our way through another week already. Has it been 22 days since Doug last spoke? He is breathing on his own now. I need to get up to see him again. It's so hard to know how to pray. This morning I heard Joyce Meyer say we need to stop telling God what to do. And then something about using our pain to further His kingdom. It made sense, even though it's a difficult thing.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Back to Doug

I have been wondering alot lately where Doug is. What is he experiencing? Mostly - has he caught a glimpse of Jesus? If he has, are we just trying to keep him here when he wants to go with his Lord? I don't know how else to pray except for God to move in His mighty way and for the rest of us to give Him glory. No matter what. And of course praying strength and faith for his family - no matter what. God, You are in control. Show me Your Glory.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We all know James has had a lot of women in his lifetime of romance and adventure, but his all time favorite co-star remains none other than the beautiful voluptuous Floral Snickers! I believe she was up for an academy award for her performance in "Man with a Golden Gun", as depicted below. So tell us, Floral, does he really like his shaken, not stirred?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Miracle Time

We are praying for a miracle. Our brother in law has been in a coma since Thanksgiving day when he had cardiac arrest. Today the drs. say they are 98% sure he won't wake up. That means we are clinging to that 2% miracle. for now. But God knows best. He has a plan. He is in control. Praise be to God, for He gave us Doug.


Lookie here who walked in my door on Thanksgiving day. I guess the two older girls knew about it, since they picked her up at the airport! But it was a total surprise to me. Actually my grandkids and sons in laws also walked in with the girls - with Emily last. I screamed, then cried, then laughed. It was something!!! Doesn't she look good??? Oh my goodness. It was sweet having her here.