Sunday, September 23, 2007


This is a portion of the Berends family (those who showed up) at the Fernandez reunion.

Fri. was Lucie's birthday

This is a typical "Lucie" cupcake for those of you who know Lucie and her mother. It was so perfect I hated to eat it, so I took this shot first, then forced myself to eat it. yummmmm. Not your ordinary tasting cupcake either!

Not the Pinta, not the Santa Maria

The Nina was docked at a sail boat dock in Davenport. That's not really Christopher in the foreground, just someone imagining he is. The top right flag said Nina, I was trying to click when the wind blew it out straight, but did't get it. Below that is the American flag. In the back are 2 more flags, maybe one was Portuguese? not sure, but it was cool thinking about what people went through for our country. It's hard to imagine that thing on the ocean for that long.


Teeter-Totter Tug of War!? Is that what this is???

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Precious Reagan!

Another preschool post. Today it was Reagan who won my heart. When Deb's kids have opening, I try to help out to get them all settled in and then I join them for closing, because we pray, then the kids give us hugs goodbye. Well, this morning as soon as I came over to the circle, Reagan got up and made a beeline over to me and snuggled in. I love it! Then when it was time for her to leave, she did not settle for the customary hug - it was a kiss she wanted right on the mouth - so of course, I could not resist that one!!! What a cute mug to smooch!!!

Sam was cute today also!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Little Miss Eden Grimes spent lots of time at the art table today, watercoloring. Of course I had other kids to attend to as well, but I was able to listen to her more today. Here are just some of the Edenisms I heard today:
"A very delicate blue will do" (as she put the blue paint to the paper)
"In the spirit of 1-2-3" (as she painted some red lines on her paper)
"Everything's so busy!" (as her paper began to fill up with watercolors)
"I'll be painting at this all year!" (when I told her she was working hard)
"When I first heard about preschool and we had a celebration (I think she meant the ice cream social) I was shy of you, but now I'm not!"
"This morning when I came to preschool I cried - then I stopped - and now I'm talking. It's so embarrassing!"
"Boys get on my nerves - it's totally gross to think about kissing them!)
"Elly calls it a boo-boo, I say owie!"
"When she cries, I just talk to her cause I'm the big sister and I can make her feel better."

All the above info was unsolicited. She just came forth with it! What a blessing!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


YIKES! Where is the time going? It's so much fun having Emily here. Preschool is off and running. It's crazy. I love it. Remember, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, it's where God wants to use you for His purposes.