Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back up to Friday!

I was sitting here thinking about yesterday and thought I should just back up and blog about my Friday. I went over to Laura's and watched Lily while Laura went to the dr. We had wild and silly time, did lots of playing and giggling for about an hour, then it was time to go get the boys at school. When we got in the car I heard Lily from the backseat say, "Will you turn the music up, Grandma?" So I did and she started singing along to a song that I had no idea how it went. But all I remember is ". . . . the great day of the Lord". She sang her heart out and my heart just melted!!! Then we were sitting waiting for Noah to show up and when I saw a bundled up guy slowly coming along I asked Lily if that was Noah and before she could answer, he started waving at me and I waved back. He had been searching for my little white car, but I had their van instead. When he went to climb into the van, he stepped into a snowbank up to his knees and laughed so hard! I loved it. Then we went around to the other side of the school to pick up Jackson and he helped direct me out of the parking lot, then reminded me what street to turn on, and lastly, he reset some buttons that I had mistakenly hit trying to find the one that closed the garage door! What a lifesaver! We were only back home inside a couple minutes, when Laura returned. What a sweet sweet time. Just had to share that with the rest of you!!!

Another Saturday!

Does anyone else feel the planet spinning faster besides me??? whew! So much I want to do and so little time. But I love it. I love having something else in the wings when I switch gears. I have been so inspired this week by various friends and family members and I feel stronger the need to worship my Lord. He has placed in me a desire to love and to give. I guess it's been there inside me a long long time, but is resurfacing to the top with strength that is overwhelming and not to be ignored any longer. So I am setting about to do His business.
This week I took my Dad down to Hills to get his hair cut. That's where his favorite barber is. It was a nice day for a little drive, it was pleasant company, and good to see the farms and fields and trees and all that. Good therapy for my parents. Dad's hair was long enough for a ponytail - and so white - and thick and wavy. I wanted to keep some, but I didn't. The barbershop reminded me of my grandpa's. Lots of bottles, comics, fishing stuff, etc. There was a cartoon up on the door that had 2 chocolate bunnies sitting side by side. The first one had his tail bit off and the 2nd one most of his ears bit off. The 1st one says "my butt hurts" and the 2nd one says "what? I didn't hear you" FUNNY, I thought!!!!
Also I had a surgical procedure done on Thurs. to remove a lump from my head - go ahead - laugh all you who know me well - but yes, I did, and contrary to what I believed, it was not some of my brains trying to get out, so they sent it to the labs to identify it. Will know more in a week or so. Hopefully it was some wierd little benign thing that is no more!
It's the weekend, and I am going to do some ART. yes! Thank YOU, for art. amen.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


WOW, the week is about over and I haven't had time to post a thing all week! It's been crazy nonstop fun for the most part. Today is our last day with Emily, so I am ready to take off and make the most of it. I slept in late, because last night was girls night out and well, frankly, I am getting too old for some of this! It's getting harder to keep up the pace - I feel like I have a lead butt!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


The day began with an incredible message from Doug Fern. Oh - my - gosh! We need to hear more such things from the pulpit of our church if we are to learn how we should be living our lives for God and His glory. . . for the poor and hurting . . . the lost . . . the least. Our church needs to get off its high horse and get real with people. Doug is the hero of the day.
After church we were driving along Riverside Dr. and saw 4 bald eagles up close and personal, but of course we did not have our camera. They were awesome creatures. We had a little nap after lunch - much needed by both of us, then it was off to Jill's house for supper and Christmas gifts with Em. Don had to leave early to go home to bed, but I stayed until 9:30 or so. It was getting pretty silly by that time. Let's just say, be watching my daughters blogs for Grandma Super Cop, the video.

Saturday Event

What a great day. We met my brother Gary and sister-in-law Melinda from Charles City along with their girls, their hubbies, their kids. Us and girls and hubbies and kids. We met at Comfort Suites in Cedar Falls - the kids could swim, plus other activities. We had a blast. Silliness along with good talks. Games, food (lots of food). Just a sweet sweet time.
(Note to Kathy): Gary asked me about you. At the end of that conversation he said - in typical Gary style and referring to Doug, "The lucky stiff - he's having a great time with Jesus, and I bet he's already met Bill." He's the only person I know that still uses that expression "lucky stiff" from back in the 50's or 60's?!
We drove home in somewhat treacherous road conditions, but all made it safe and sound. The whole day was a huge blessing. Thank you, praise you, Lord.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It was a Good Friday

Today I took my dad for a dr. appointment. It was to check in with his urologist. His psa was 0.4 so the shots he is getting for his prostate cancer are working! It was all good news today. We celebrated with frosties from Wendy's!!! No school/work today again. I bathed out of the kitchen sink since our showers are frozen up. By the time I get my fanny in the sink, doesn't leave much room for the water! ha! Just kidding. I crack myself up sometimes. Sponge bathing works in a pinch. The best for last - Emily is on her way here. yea! Good times ahead this week. oh, boy. . . . . picking her up at 11:30 tonight at the CR airport. I should sneak in a nap, but I am too psyched.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


BRRR! So record lows are the talk of the day. Cold is cold. And it IS!!!!!! No school again today. I had the screaming mimi's so bad last evening and all night. My tummy cramped so badly and I got so tired of getting up and sitting on the COLD toilet. yuk. I finally got to sleeping around 5 and then slept until 10. Today I felt kind of strange - like you're real empty but nothing sounds good - well, I drank lots of water cause I was thirsty. And I worked on a couple pieces of art, but really did not have the creative juices flowing to really enjoy it. We already have heard that there is no school again tomorrow. I have not been out of the house since Tues. but I have to take my dad to the dr. tomorrow - just hoping my car starts! I also need a few things at the store - like to restock the Immodium and T.P.!!!!!!!!!!! And . . . .ANd. . . . .AND. . .. tomorrow Emmy comes! hurray, cause I need her.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is a fun project I did today and I am so excited about it, because I think it's funky and cute and I get to see these precious little mugs up close and a lot!!!~! So I took some heavy wire and did my swirly thing and used little sticker things to attach the photos and poked them into my colored rocks in the big vase. It sits on the dining room table. I love it! Also I vacuumed, did laundry, cleaned my bathroom (finally), sorted piles of miscellaneous things from Christmas that had accumulated on the counters and table. Cleared out alot of clutter in general. It feels pretty good. How this place gets like this with only 2 people is beyond me. . . . oh, well, then it must be Don if it's beyond me. huh?! Put a roast, potatoes, & carrots in the oven to slow cook. Also today I got to chew out a collection agency that keeps calling us looking for Pam Behrens. It upsets me that they can pick some name out of the phone book that starts with B and then proceed to harrass them. That's basically what happened. dummies! Check the spelling! Check the numbers. Check to see if your brains are turned on. enough. I'm done.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday's Lesson

Did you know there's more than one way to make a snowman? My preschool kids taught me this today. Sometimes the biggest snowball doesn't go on the bottom, sometimes the smaller one does. His hat can go upside down, inside out, or even in between the snowballs! He could have legs or not. His whole body could be covered with buttons or he might only have one right smack dab in his middle! Which reinforces my thinking: there's no people like snow people!

Monday, January 12, 2009


OK, it's been an amazing day! First big blessing was a bracelet that a student (Canaan) gave me. It has the verse "trust the Lord your God with all your heart - lean not on your own understanding" with hearts and crosses on it. He picked it out himself. I love it! And I gotta say the verse is a doozy for me, very timely with things going on. Then I walked over to Lisa Hollan's office just to duck in my head and say welcome back! She greeted me with a huge hug and we agreed to go to lunch when I got done at work. It was an awesome conversation at lunch. We even talked about how nice it is that when we get together, we don't necessarily have to talk constantly either or talk about anything serious, though sometimes we do. She is a dear soul and I love her. For two seemingly different people, we seem to have a lot in common and a connection that is hard to explain. So I won't even try to. Nobody else would get it. Anyhow, I love how God orchestrated all this for my day. I am so very thankful.


I think I have finally come up with a New Year's resolution. Although I am not crazy about calling it that. I was thinking I could post more often if I would note some way that God showed me something quite amazing that day - just write it down on the blog - share it with the world! ha, like so many people read my blog, whatever. I guess it could be my personal diary- ha! But what if it helped others, inspired someone, amused anybody, ya know? God has His hand on it all, we too quickly forget that. So here goes my day and I will be back later to let you know how it went! Be prepared to be amazed along with me!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Art on Etsy

I am so excited and proud of my two artist daughters for getting their etsy shops open and going great guns!!! You've got to have a look before everything gets sold out! Go to our art blog and you can link right to their shops. Wowsers!!!! It's awesome stuff! My youngest is making me pretty proud, too, for so many reasons. Her musical talent is blowing people away in the Austin area. She will be home to visit soon. yea!!!