Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yes, I really wore these!

Sorting thru things I had stored at the Brown's, I pulled out my wedding gown from 1971 and look at that - it still fits!!!! Well, maybe not. Don't know if you can see the damp eyes or not, but there were a few tears quietly shed. Just pack it away, Connie, and move on to the next one.
This is the shirt Bill wore when we first met and he wore it alot!!! And it's still around, unless Damon has already gone to the dump, in which case, it's gone and that's o.k. I tried to smell it, but it just smelled like basement - not Bill - so bye bye, shirt. The shirt can also be viewed when you girls go thru "the box". It appears in several photos. I tell ya, the guys wore it often!!!
This is the junior bridesmaid dress I wore for Kenny's wedding. It's pretty rotten. bye bye.
This cute little embroidered floral number was my 8th gr. graduation dress. We had a big ceremony back then just like high school has. It was a big deal. It went into a V in the back and you won't believe how skinny this dress is.....was.....yup, it went bye bye also.
And last but not least, my going away dress from my wedding day. This dress was equally as skinny, but really REALLY SHORT!!! Just covered my fanny. I wore a cute pair of white sandals with it. Note: I made it. It has my wedding colors and everything! Isn't it cute!?!
Well that ends my fashion show, hope you all enjoyed it!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This is the beach bum I picked up a couple weeks ago up in Michigan! Is he a hunk or what? Moondoggie ain't got nothing on him! His shirt says "This shirt is illegal in 51 countries". Lots of people asked why and he would turn around. On the back it said, "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ....." I brought him home with me. . . . think I'll keep him a while.


Here are us girls playing Bingo at the Kinze Family Fun Day. All seems fine and dandy. Just look at us, watching our cards and hoping for a bingo so that we can get that coveted Kinze cookbook we've been after the past 2 years. But all is not what it seems. I guess I had a defective chair, because only moments later I suddenly went BANG-O flat on the floor. No warning - the chair just broke, folded flat and slammed to the floor, and I did the same! I seemed ok, other than being shocked, until we got outside and my back and legs started to hurt. I think it was "aftershock" setting in. To make a long story short, I was driven off in a golfcart to the EMT, got to sit in the ambulance, and was told to take ibuprofen. After that Fun Day continued on! Don won $10 on the money wheel and 5 tickets to Adventureland in the employee drawing. Jill got a bingo and a cookbook. The kids won lots of great prizes at the carnival games, did the waterslide, and had lots of good food. And me? I won nothing, but I had a bang-up good time!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wild Weather

Hasn't the weather been strange lately? Monday we had golfball sized hail just as Don was trying to get home from work. I was stranded at Hobby Lobby because they said there was a tornado on the ground just west of us, so they took everyone into a safe room and kept us there quite a while. When I got home, there was hail in our yard still pretty good sized. Yesterday I was looking around at the sky and it was entirely yellow. This was about 10:00 or so. No gray, no blue, no clouds, just this hazy yellow. It was so odd, I thought, wow, God, what are You doing? I never saw the sky look like that before. After dinner Don went outside and said the air was so heavy he couldn't believe it. Then as the next storm came, we decided to outrun it by chasing over to Laura and Joe's. Don made me drive while he "looked around". It came on so fast and furious. I went thru one stoplight and one stopsign getting there. Probably not the wisest decision we've ever made, but it was fun being in the basement staying silly for the kids! Later back home, jumped with the thunder booms through the night. I know IC is not the only place having this wild weather. I hear CR and CC have it too!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fun at the Photo Booth!

My dear old friend Linda came to visit from Florida last week. We spent a whole day shopping and while at the mall decided to get a little crazy by doing the photo thing. First of all we were trying to figure out how it worked, trying to get our faces to fit inside this oval shape on the screen, etc. when the camera clicked and we weren't ready. The next 2 shots are as good as it got. The last one I said something funny and we were laughing so hard we had stomach aches. We have been friends for 39 years through the good times and bad. She's nuts, but so am I. I could tell you some real good stories since she hates computers and won't see this, but she'd find out somehow I bet. So the secrets remain safe. Love ya, Linda!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yesterday is now just a blur in my mind. I was helping Jill paint large polka dots on one wall of the baby's room and I must have had a major brain fart or something, because I spilled a whole quart of paint onto the carpet. I remember telling myself not to cry because it would make Jill cry for sure. I also remember both my hands being completely submerged in paint as I was frantically trying to scoop it up and back into the can. I remember going to the kitchen to rinse out rags and seeing 3/4 of the kitchen floor in water - Jill dropped a pail of water - by this time I knew she wasn't going to cry if she hadn't started by now! After getting most of the paint up, we got out the steam carpet cleaner she just bought Damon for his birthday and went to work on it that way. At one point I thought I'd be buying new carpet for that room, then later I thought well, maybe just a throw rug! Then two hours later, it looked just fine. I couldn't believe it. My whole body aches today from all the stress! But that room looks so CUTE!!!!! For some reason this thing won't let me type in a title for my post. hmmmm - don't have time now to mess with it anymore - Linda will be here soon and wacky time begins.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pre-4th Fun

Me: Do I look pretty?

Lily: funny Grandma!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

the 4th of July

Lord, heal our land.