Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day

These shoes will be walking the streets of Austin very soon - with my feet (as pictured) in them. Comfort and style rolled into one. (or two, depending on how you think) Thanks for the McCarraghers Mothers day gift to me.
I scored a Paper Prayers pin from the Brown's. It is very funky and I love it. I tried the macro setting on my camera, but as you can see, it makes little difference for me.
I also got this cute little tin bird from the Brown's. He loves our flower garden. As our lilies get larger, I will probably move him to a more obvious spot, but for now he is right where I see him as I come out the door.
These gifts are nice, but the best part of Mothers Day is seeing your children happy, healthy, loving the Lord and being good mothers to your grandkids. Happy Mothers Day, girls.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting clothed for Austin

Austin, we are getting ready for lift-off. Oh, that's Houston, well, Austin, we are getting ready to keep you weird!!! I found this top today that I believe will work well for me while in Austin. Can you tell I am getting excited? (yikes) So that we 3 don't show up in the same 3 outfits, I trucked over to K-Mart, knowing the other 2 never shop there, except around Christmas. Well, everything was on sale! And they have lots of cute styles, too. So now that you've seen this, don't you go over to the big K and copy me, you 2. I mean it!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday and the VA

I'm beat. There were lots of extra little things to do at school this morning, it seemed like. As soon as I got home, Don announced that he had forgotten about his appointments at the VA that morning and had gone to CR instead!!! swell. It's just that he had successfully scheduled 3 different departments all back to back on his day off! That won't happen again for a long time. Anyway, we went on up there to reschedule and get his meds ordered and ended up getting in for one of his appts. after all. That was the afternoon!!! Sit and wait. Then move to another room and sit and wait. So tiring. But thanking God that he was able to get his blood pressure medicine adjusted. And his blood sugars were great. It wasn't all bad. Don was getting a little crazy/bored so he wanted to play doctor . . . . brat. Anyway, we got out of there before we got into any real trouble.